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      ISO 9001:2000 CCS BV DNV LR ABS KR NK
      Product Catalog

      Main engine remote


      1) Module design,no matter single main engine or dual main engine,wheel house single position remote control or wheel house and central control room pairs of position remote control all to be suitable the system;

      2) Wheel house remote control is the single handle no grade control,the logic sequential control causes the main engine speed change,tripper and parallel automatically steadily to run;

      3) To have the auxiliary telegraph uses in the collection controis for the engine house and central control room or the engine room carries on "local control","central control room control","wheel house remote control" and "standby","finish"the signal transmission;

      4) According to engine's parameter setting and rules requirements,remote control device can realize slow down and stop the main engine automatically;

      5) When the remote system lose air,the direction of shafting system to be invariability,the speed of main engine to be invariability in a certain time;

      6) The device uses pneumatic valve for imports or the joint venture brand;

      7) Suitable for main propulsion unit which is composed by diesel engine and gearbox.

      2.Technical feature

      Power source DC 24V

      Handle turning governor

      Gearbox,main engine,air source failure alarm

      Telegraph indication

      Remote control Crash-stop

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