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      Product Catalog

      Engine Room Monitor Console

      1.Brief Introduction

      The engine room monitor desk can monitor the working status of importantequipments, suchas main machine, assistant machine,etc.,give alam signals and provide relevant safety measures.Generally the monitor console equipped with remote control and running indication devices,monitor and alarm system,etc.The engine room monitor desk integrates the up-to-date technologies and the control functions,hence it can satisfy the requirement of monitoring most of the pressent ship engine rooms.

      The engine room monitor system is the eye of the engine room management staff to monitor the running status of all important equipments on the ship,it can monitor the working parameters of equipments,when the parameters exceed the normal values,it will automatically send out the safety control signals,automatically start of stop the hi-tech measures,such as the TCP/IP industral Ethernet and the embedded computer,to realize all of the monitor and alarm functions,it is advanced,reliable and practical.


      • This system is a simple structure,which us a net cable connects all units (multi-ring network).in the upper layer it connect the monitor computer,the alarm panes and the extended alarm device,in the lower layer,it connects the omniseal solidified module,hence it can form the large system with more than ten thousand monitor computers,and also it can form the small system only with the alarm panel.
      • The network is the distributed data base mode,without centralized server,and the local failure does not affect the overall situation.
      • The collecting device is the general omniseal solidified module,which can resist the intensive impact,high temperature,moisture,fog,chemical caustic gases,tec,it is of tigh reliability and it only needs to change the module in the repair,and the maintenance is convenient.
      • The power supply is DC18-36V,1-5A,hence the power consumption is small,and the net cable is the enhanced CAT 5cable.
      • The system can connect to the hight-reliable digital sensor,and it can also connect to the traditional analog sensor.
      • The system has a complete auto-inspect function,all units and digital sensors can automatically inspect the failures and send out alarm signals.
      • The computers of the system apply the intuitionistic dynamic graphical interfaces display,and they can also display information in digital forms,and the alarm signal can automatically pop up on the screen.
      • The computers of this system have the permanent archive function,which can take the place of engine log book.
      • The alarm lamp panes of the system is of the programmable structure,the spot-reporting name and the disposal location are programmable,and the alam lamp panels can be combined in any form.

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