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      ISO 9001:2000 CCS BV DNV LR ABS KR NK
      Product Catalog

      Main switchboard


      PZK serial marine low-voltage switchboard designed adopt the notion of ABB MD190(HONOR) modular combination low-voltage switch cabinet,it''s suitable below DC 230V, AC 400V/50Hz electric wire netting. The single generator controls power is 12KW-1600KW, for the control,monitor,protect the diesel generator and shaft generator and electric lighting network. Can complete a set with the vessel of DP system. Low-voltage switchboard mainly includes the main switchboard,emergency switchboard,and motor control centre.(Assemble start panel)

      2.Main performance

      • Protection,monitoring and indication for generator and ship power.
      • Failure detection and alarm, auto-changeover and shutdown control for generator engine set.
      • According to the load capacity to control the generator start/synchronization and shedding/stop.
      • Automatic start & frequency regulation for generators, active load-sharing.
      • Preferential trip of unessential consumers.
      • Heavy load start control(heavy load request and start permission).
      • The extension alarm output function stated in AUTO-0 standard,carry out the data communications to ship Alarm & Monitoring System.
      • Has the power station function of DP system vessel.

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